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PTP 382 – March 24, 2023 – I Eat Cheese!

– Sarah Ehms polls on Instagram
Damn Fine Day – Mike Vial
PTP Playlist – Songs You Want to Hear Before You Die
– Playlist on Spotify
– Playlist on Apple Music
Wait a Little Bit – The Beelays
– Would You Rather?
Your Mind Is On Vacation – Bash O’Sullivan & the yesiwillYes

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147 – Top 5 Real World Scams

Hoodwinked again! 

Nobody likes getting scammed themselves but everyone loves to hear the stories of all the best swindles out there. So that is exactly what we are here to do on this episode of Ranked! This week join Tuong and Everyday Con Artists Victoria Luloff, Jess Maybear, and Jonah Maybear as they perform the ultimate racket…working together to make a Top 5 Real World Scams list! 

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S01E05 – The White Bear Empire

Our ninja-to-be finally found their loved ones, only one more obstacle remains to finish their exam: to defeat the, extra tough, four armed giant, Gorroh. Will they succeed? Will the exam finally be over? Tune in to find out!

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94. Munch Madness: Chicken Vs. Salad; Honey Vs. The Bread Basket ft. Eric Silver & Lee Kim

This week, hosts Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) and Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) call up special guest judges Eric Silver (@el_silvero) and Lee Kim (@hunny_dill_) to help pick which foods move forward to the next round of the tournament! Will Chicken find the courage to tell Salad to leaf? Will The Bread Basket prove sweet enough to conquer Honey, or is this one for the bees? I don’t know what any of this means. Munch Madness!

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EP79 – A Very Dramatic and Brave New Take on A Scottish Play

Angus and Sal are given tickets to go review a play at Super City’s Rat King Theater. After the show they chat with Catherine Abernathy Quill (Patrice-Ann Forbes) and learn about all the hard and unusual work that goes into producing shows in Super City.

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PP02 – A Bugs Life (1998)

It’s tough to be a bug, and even tougher when you’re at the bottom of the food chain like Flik and the other inhabitants of Ant Island. But the Pixar Pals are about to find out what happens when a bully pushes a little ant with big ideas too far…and a classic mix-up leads to a motley crew of new friends showing him exactly what he’s capable of. You may not walk away a lover of insects, but A Bug’s Life will at least having you thinking twice before taking a magnifying glass to the sidewalk on a sunny day.

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93. Munch Madness: Hot Sauce vs Beef; Mustard vs Berries ft. Greg Schulz & Giovanni Colantonio

This week, hosts Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) and Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) call up special guest judges Greg Schulz (@giantwerewolf) and Giovanni Colantonio (@marioprime) to hear their arguments for which foods deserve to move forward to the next round of Munch Madness! Will hot sauce prove too hot to handle, or will beef steak home the gold? Will mustard have enough faith to move mountains, or will berries bury the competition?

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PTP 381 – March 9, 2023 – You Don’t Get Born Vegan


– PTP’s hot sauce adventure

Traveller by John Moorhead


– The Funnies Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

Colours by Among Millions


– Do You Actually Like These 14 Most-Hated Foods?

Ontar-I-O by Chris Nicholls


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146 – Top 5 Movies of 2022

The Oscars? Psh. We got the real best movies of 2022 right here!

It’s that time of year again where the folks at Ranked celebrate our favourite movies of last year in our annual Top 5 Movies episode! And what a year for movies we had in 2022 from action, drama, rom-coms, animation, horror, etc. there was something of great quality for everyone in 2022 (except for arguably super-hero films #sorrynotsorry). So join Tuong La and Film Nerds Taylor Fleming, Alyssa Wooldrige, and Laura Gordon as they slap the Oscars out of the way to bring you the real Top 5 Movies of 2022.

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92. Munch Madness: Coffee vs. Dumplings; Pasta vs. Salsa ft. Billy Eff & Andrew Henderson

This week, hosts Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) and Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) call up special guest judges Billy Eff (@billyefflechef) and Andrew Henderson (@arhenderson) to kick off the first round of Munch Madness 2023! Will last year’s runner-up Coffee knock out Dumplings and start another sweep? Will our season 1 champ Pasta give newcomer Salsa a run for its money?

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