Hoodwinked again!

Nobody likes getting scammed themselves but everyone loves to hear the stories of all the best swindles out there. So that is exactly what we are here to do on this episode of Ranked! This week join Tuong and Everyday Con Artists Victoria Luloff, Jess Maybear, and Jonah Maybear as they perform the ultimate racket…working together to make a Top 5 Real World Scams list!

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Ground Rules

  • They don’t have to be successful scams to be nominated (as long as it has an interesting premise or story behind it, that will count)
  • They don’t always have to be money scams (which many scams out there are )
  • **The original idea of this episode was to bring scams that were specific stories (rather than large over branching concepts). However, that is not how the episode shaped up when all things were said and done (and the show must go on either way!!) so our Top 5 is a mix of both! **
  • This episode makes way more sense to listen to than read our list on this site. So more than ever if you are confused, listen to our episode!

**Spoilers below is our Group Top 5 as well honourable mentions)

Group Top 5

5. Avocados with large pits

4. Fyre Festival

3. Diesel Gate

2. First Wave Feminism/Suffragette Movement

1. Landmark Selling Scams



Tuong’s List

Victoria’s List

Jess’s List

  • Tiny Glasses/Moustaches. Tiny Disguises
  • Avocados with Large Pits
  • Too many Small Pockets for Women that force you to buy a purse
  • Fake Landlords
  • Wealth = Success
  • The American Dream – If you work hard, you get yours too.
  • Catfishing
  • Door to Door Salespeople
  • Snake Oil
  • Cults…In general

Jonah’s List


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