E27: Working out on cannabis with Christian Cheung

Competitive sport spends a lot of effort to catch athletes who abuse drugs to gain an edge on their competitors. But what about cannabis? It’s legal to consume in Canada but does it help or hinder? Christian Cheung studies the effects of cannabis on the cardiovascular system. Vinny and Katie share science facts about artificial sweeteners and double liquid water.

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E24: Building DNA nanostructures with Ghufran Rafique

Manipulating DNA has offered the potential to revolutionize medicine and nanomaterials for decades. That potential is becoming a reality. Ghufran Rafique researches methods to synthesize DNA nanostructures one nucleotide at a time. Vinny and Katie talk about boiling water and vole predators.

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E17: Detecting Pesticides Using Biofilm with Moira Ijzerman

Pesticides can be found in so many of our waterways thanks to industrial farming. Monitoring the levels of pesticides in our water is important to ensure the health of our water supplies and everything that lives in them. MSc student Moira Ijzerman studies new ways to detect and measure their presence using a new type of material, biofilms. Vinny and Katie share facts about Mars and millipedes.

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Ep 81 – Luca (2021) with Cassie Pyatt

“Silenzio, Bruno!”

It’s hard to remember a time when Pixar was not at the forefront of animated movies. From Toy Story to Up to Inside Out (and much more) they have always somehow managed to push the boundary of story and animation while being incredibly accessible for the whole family. So join Tuong and Sea Creature/Love Is Pod’s Cassie Pyatt as they dive deep into the latest Pixar original and talk about the colourful Itlalian inspired world of 2021’s Luca!

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What could be worse than a giant shark stalking the residents of Amity Island? How about a much bigger, cheaper, magic shark following you to the Bahamas!
Find out how the JAWS series went from one of the greatest movies of all time to a Bohemian Christmas with Michael Caine a vindictive Great White.

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84 – Top 5 Pokémon

Gotta Rank’Em All!
…okay maybe not all of them but you get the idea. For over 20 years, Pokémon is still, to this day, one of the most beloved franchises of all time. In fact in many ways, Pokémon has never been more popular – now catering to the adults who grew up with the franchise as well as the younger generation of newcomers…er trainers. From the humble beginnings of only 150 Pokémon to now 800+ there has never been a better time to rank them! So join Tuong La and Gym Leaders Samantha Leggatt, Sarah Ghadbane, and Angus MacDonald as they pit their love of Pokémon, into the Ranked Poké-Gym, to battle it out and find out what the Top 5 Best Pokemon are! 

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67 – Top 5 Soft Drinks

Hear that? That’s the satisfying sound you get when you pop open a fizzy drink of goodness that’s about to be chugged down. Over the years, there has been a plethora of flavoured, syrupy, sugary, carbonated/uncarbonated soft drinks that has hit the shelves – some great and some that make you question your life.  BUT as always there can be only five that reign supreme! Join Tuong La and Unhealthy Human Beings Angus MacDonald, Matt Barrow, and Leslie Cserepy as they bring drink samples to the table and make themselves nauseous as they rank Top 5 Soft Drinks!

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61 – Top 5 Best Things about Summer

Summer Loving, Summer Dreaming, Summer Ranking

We’re finally almost here! Summer is upon us and we could not be more excited to finally enjoy all the joys that this season brings us. So get off your beach butts & grab your limed-up Coronas and join Tuong La and Rays of Sunshine Evelyn Barbr, Hayley Kellett, and Jesse Bergen as they cap off our quartet of seasons episodes and rank a list of the Top 5 Best Things about Summer!

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