PP04 – Monsters, Inc. (2001)

What if the monsters under your bed really did exist – but they were more scared of you than you were of them? The Pixar Pals are swinging the closet door wide open and facing some high-scoring scarers as we explore the world of Monsters, Inc., and all the slimy, scaly, and shaggy beasts it has to offer – including an outsider who isn’t afraid to say “Boo!”

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Ep 106 – Uncharted (2022) with Angus MacDonald

“There are places out there you can’t find on any map.”

Tuong and Treasure Hunter Angus MacDonald discovery a bounty of things to talk about on this week’s episode from Pokemon, Elden Ring, Steam Decks, Live Action Beyblade, film school, and our movie of the week – 2022’s treasure hunting, globe trotting, action adventure based on the popular video game series…Uncharted!

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