YA Podcast

Hosted ByTeffer Adjemian, Kadi Diop, Bailey Eastwood & Eunice Hong

A podcast about young adult lit and what it can teach us at any age. Join us as we review new releases, revisit old classics, bring you hot lists, hotter casting choices, and more!

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176. A Final Bow

After almost 5 wild and wonderful years, the YA Podcast is coming to an end. Join Kadi, Teffer, and Bailey as we reminisce over the years, the books, and the friendships we’ve shared. Stay in touch!

175. The Vampire Diaries

We’re coming at you with another media review! Kadi and Teffer watched Season 1 of the Vampire Diaries and we’re here to tell you all about low cut jeans, sexy vampire brothers, and racist small towns.

174. A Scatter of Light by Malinda Lo

Kadi and Teffer talk about art, light, gayness, coming out, coming of age, and queer community in this breathtaking novel by Malinda Lo.

173. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Kadi and Teffer talk crushes, cringe and criminal movie adaptations in Meg Cabot’s Y2K Marxist monarchy classic, Princess Diaries.

172. The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Kadi and Teffer talk 2009, love triangles, and Twilight references in the Amazon Prime show & the book it’s based on! There’s a reason Netflix passed on this one.....