The Improv Punch Up

Hosted ByLesie Cserepy, Angus MacDonald, Tuong La

Ding Ding!

Welcome to the Improv Punch Up! Each episode our hosts (Tuong La, Angus MacDonald, and Leslie Cserepy) take another pass at famous scenes from movies, tv....whatever, and make them better through improv! It's wacky. It's raw. It's THE IMPROV PUNCH UP!

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E01 – Big Change (The Notebook, Star Wars V, Spider-Man)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Improv Punch Up – the show where we take another pass at famous clips from movies, tv, video games, etc. and make them ‘better’ through improv! Join your hosts Tuong La, Angus MacDonald, and Leslie Cserepy as we see what it’s like to be Aquaman, sit down with Darth Vader and Luke at a cafe, and see what Peter Parker thinks about the day after his infamous spider bite!

00 – Improv Punch Up’s Test Episode!

Hey fellow PodCavern friends!

We are creating a new podcast for the PodCavern (about time!) and we need to work out some kinks before we release the show! This is strictly test audio so we can submit our feed to all your favorite podcast players. Stay tuned for more details.